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eBOOK2.0 – digital publications by exclam!

Based on the experiences exclam! had gathered in the development of interactive digital books with the "Dbooks" (a series of interactive books for photographers on CD), exclam! now presents it's new program with descriptively designed, interactive apps and eBooks for the iPad under the label "eBOOK2.0".
Our interactive books are published either in the Apple iTunes Store in the form of apps for iPad or in Apples iBookstore in form of interactive eBooks for iPad.

Publish your book as an interactive eBook for iPad, too

Do you have an idea for an eBook or do you want to offer an already published, conventional book also as eBook?
Please contact us and send an email to:   

We would be pleasured to publish your book as an interactive book.

Direct links to our newest products:

Publications in English language

Light Bouncing

Light Bouncing – Photographic Lighting


Photographic Lighting

The Art of Photographic Lighting

Publications in German language

Light Bouncing

Light Bouncing – Lichtgestaltung mit Reflexionen


Die interaktive Fotoschule


Light Bouncing

Digitale Highend-Fotografie

iPad Air und iPad mini Retina


iPad mini


Das neue iPad
und iOS 6

Das neue iPad


Fotografische Lichtgestaltung


Fotografische Landschaften