The Nikon D200 Dbook/
The Nikon D80 Dbook


Rocky Nook Dbooks are the ideal companion for anyone who wants to get the most from their Nikon D200/D80. With more than 580/630 digital pages in Acrobat format, you will discover the fundamentals on all aspects of the digital image creation process: digital photography basics, taking pictures, image optimization, lenses, accessories, and much more.

Rocky Nook Dbooks go well beyond the Nikon camera manuals and are well-organized, beautifully illustrated introductions to digital photography with the Nikon system.




The Dbooks offer clickable examples and digital images that explain before-and-after situations and clearly illustrate the individual stages of the processes involved. Navigation is easy with the built-in hyperlinks or the detailed index and Acrobat search functions. The Dbooks make reading just as exciting and interactive as digital photography itself. High-resolution RGB images illustrate subtle differences and effects which would hardly be visible on a printed book page.

They also include a handy booklet for use on the road, filled with practical overviews.